Establishing your new lawn

• Prior to laying new lawn, ensure that the ground is level and loose to a depth of 50 mm.
• Fertilise soil with the application of super phosphate at the rate of 1 kg per 20 m² . Wet soil initially in hot weather.
• Lay a single row around the perimeter of the area to be laid. Then lay the balance of the area in a brickwork fashion.
• Should the site be on a slope, lay across the slop.
• After laying, the turf can be lightly rolled or stamped with a hand-held stamper.

Mowing and maintenance

• Always ensure that your mower blades are kept sharp, as a sharp blade cuts evenly and does not tear the grass blades.
• Please note that hot weather fertilisation combined with poor mowing techniques and mid-afternoon watering can lead to a fungal attack.
• Do not mow wet grass.
• A golden rule when mowing is not to cut off more than 1/3 of the blade length at one time.
• Should the grass height be excessive it should be reduced by multiple mowing.
• If in doubt, leave your mower on the highest setting.

Watering tips

•The best time to water is from 04h00 to 08h00.
•Watering early in the morning also has the advantage of reducing the chance of turf diseases that require extended periods of leaf moisture.
•Move sprinklers frequently to avoid puddles and run-off.
•Water problem areas by hand to postpone the need for irrigation of the entire lawn.
•Water only when the plant tells you to so become familiar with areas of the lawn